Singing is easy, when you know how!

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"I've never seen anybody get such huge

results with students, as fast as you have."

- Debra Bonner, Professional Vocal Coach in Hollywood, CA  

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Vocal Coaching and services listed below can be done in person OR online, using Skype.

Available Services:

  • Vocal Coaching

  • Singing Lessons

  • Applied Music Theory

  • Applied Melodic Ear Training Applied Harmonic Ear Training Basic Musicianship  

  • Intermediate Musicianship Advanced Musicianship  

  • Accompaniment Technique

  • Audition Technique  

  • Recording Technique  

  • Songwriting  

  • Lyric Writing  

  • Music Business


The Mental "Game" of Singing:

  •      Stage Fright

  •      Self-Esteem  

  •      Objectivity

  •      Inspiration  

  •      Motivation  

  •      Self-Discipline  

  •      Perseverance  

  •      Goal Attainment  

  •      Handling Obstacles  

Other Skills/Services:

  • Acting Technique for Singers 

  • Performance Technique  

  • Stylistic Technique