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“As a person who has made her living from singing and music for almost 50 years, I’ve studied with the best, and I’ve even studied with some of the teachers who led Chuck Stewart forward on his path, and I unequivocally state that he is the best singing coach in America.”

-Karen Nelson Bell, Professional Singer,

Professional Pianist, Professional Show Producer


Shouldn't singing bring you: joy and exhilaration? 

This is also what singers give their audiences  

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I am ready to share with you all the "tools" you

must have to  sing like how you want.  I want you to know

how to do what you want, when you want, and where you

want with your voice.  Let's visit and discover together,

your path to your singing goals and music dreams!


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"I've never seen anybody get such huge

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- Debra Bonner, Professional Vocal Coach in Hollywood, CA